Presentation Skills

How to make powerful presentations on any topic to any group.

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Ottawa: June 11, 2018 – June 12, 2018
Ottawa: December 10, 2018 – December 11, 2018



Making presentations or speaking in front of others can be overwhelming! This program is designed to give you the skills you need to make effective presentations on any topic, to any sized group. In this dynamic, highly interactive program you will discover how to deliver presentations for maximum effect and impact.


Who should attend:
  • Individuals who need to communicate with others and deliver high-impact presentations, including: managers, executives, learning professionals, presenters, sales professionals, team facilitators and leaders, business owners, business unit managers and supervisors, and board members and directors.


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Six Key Benefits:
  1. Learn how to structure presentations for maximum impact and credibility.
  2. Find your voice and stage presence and to face your audience with confidence.
  3. Learn to listen and employ a 10-rule checklist for effective question and answer sessions.
  4. Recognize your strengths and overcome concerns through a constructive coaching and feedback process.
  5. Practice your new presentation skills and receive constructive oral and written feedback to support your continued development.
  6. Develop strategies for handling difficult situations that might arise during a presentation.


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Program Objectives:
  • Identify the purposeof the presentation.
  • Set presentation objectives.
  • Analyze the audience.
  • Structure content according to audience needs.
  • Organize resource material.
  • Select and use visual aidsto support the presentation.
  • Describe and demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal behavior.
  • Question effectively.
  • Handle questionsfrom the audience.
  • Develop and apply strategiesto deal with difficult situations.
  • Examine pre-presentation activities.
  • Identify criteria by which to evaluate the successof the presentation.
  • Demonstrate the elements of an effective presentation.


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Course Outline:
PHASE 1 – Preparing the Presentation:
  • Identify the purpose of the presentation: to inform, persuade or inspire.
  • Create audience analysis sheets to capture audience characteristics.
  • Develop detailed preparation notesthat have compelling introductions, clear and concise body and supporting points, and conclusions to add impact and call the audience to action.
  • Structure presentation content according to audience needs.
  • Examine visual stylesand characteristics and tips for good visual aids.
  • Determine audience-retention techniques.
  • Discover tips for making effective cue sheets.
  • Review rules for effective question and answer sessions.
PHASE 2 – Pre-Presentation Activities:
  • Develop a pre-presentation activities checklist.
  • Capture key information concerning the presentation, equipment, materials, and room.
PHASE 3 – Presentation Delivery:
  • Describe and demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbalbehavior.
  • Make the most of effective eye contact.
  • Explore vocal inflectionsand use exercises for improving your voice.
  • Examine the key characteristics of using your voice.
  • Use active listening techniquesto enhance your presentation.
  • Paraphrase, clarify and confirmfor maximum impact.
  • Explore techniques to cope with nervousness and increase your confidence.
  • Identify presentation pointers.
  • Develop a plan for questionsand use them effectively.
  • Examine the rules for question and answer sessions.
  • Determine how to control the audience.
  • Develop and apply strategies to deal with unexpected situations.
PHASE 4 – Post-Presentation Follow-Up:
  • Identify criteria to evaluate the successof the presentation.
  • Provide an opportunity for follow-up.
  • Determine the purpose of post-presentation activities, including a post-presentation debriefing and evaluation checklist.
  • Create a presentation skills feedback form.


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Special Bonus:

Bring this program in-house and receive a free coaching guide to maximize learning transfer to the job.

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Two days – $1499

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