Learner Engagement: Ensuring Successful Practice

We believe that the three pillars of solid instructional design are the:

  1. Adult Learning Principles – Blog 1 Blog 2
  2. Systematic Learning Process – Blog
  3. VIVE Formula

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Using Voice to Maximize Learning

How you say something can be as important as what you say. This is true for face-to-face instructors, but it is critical in the virtual environment.
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Interviewing for a New Position

Often at this time of the year, we reflect on change and the possibilities of looking for a new job. There are many reasons why we consider other positions, but once we have decided to do so, then our preparation begins, and step one is getting ready for the interview.

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Learning Strategy Road Map


The two most frequently asked questions by new clients are, “Can you helps us improve/update/increase …” and “Should we be investing in that new …” Our response is always the same, “Do you have a strategy or road map that you are currently following?”

A recent Brandon-Hall study found that aligning the learning strategy with the business goal was a top priority for learning organizations. Production can be as fast and efficient as possible but if you are producing an obsolete item you will never achieve your goal of increasing market share.

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Forces of Change Impacting L&D

Earlier this week, FKA President, Michael Nolan, presented Becoming a High-Performance Learning Organization at I4PL 2017 conference and trade show in Toronto. Here is an excerpt from his presentation on the six main forces of change impacting Learning and Development today.
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Maximizing the Impact of OJT

Not too long ago we were asked the following question:

Q: “What can trainers do to make on-the-job training effective?”

We thought other people might be interested in the response Michael Nolan, President of FKA, provided.

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Teachers or Learning Experiences that made a Difference

With all the hurricanes, wildfires and political uncertainties we have been experiencing I thought we could all benefit by reflecting on teachers who made a difference in our lives and then remembering that what we do is important!

Three colleagues on the FKA team wanted to share their memorable learning experiences:

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Using Your “Lessons Learned” to Design More Efficiently

With the constant pressure to do more for less…and FASTER!, learning professionals are always on the look-out for tips from experienced professionals. This blog describes how FKA’s design and development team takes full advantage of decades of experience over hundreds of projects.

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Assessing the Design of a Learning Program: Part 2

In part 1 of this blog we identified how we define an “effective design” and introduced our Learning Evaluation form and discussed how it can be used with the designers’ clients to confirm they have a clear understanding of their clients’ expectations for their learning programs.

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Assessing the Design of a Learning Program: Part 1

As an instructional designer why would you want to assess the design of a learning program? It could be as straight forward as wanting to know if you have done a good job on the program design you just completed. It could be more complex. For example, you might want to identify which of the existing learning activities and materials have weak designs and would benefit from some updating. In some situations, organizations have standardized their instructional design methodology and want to confirm all the designers and developers are producing learning materials that adhere to the new standards.

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