Maximizing Adult Learning

Essential strategies for business performance and results.



All learning departments are continuously challenged to do more with less. This interactive program will demonstrate how to maximize adult learning while minimizing wasted time – yours and the learners’! Go beyond designing slideshows and learn how to incorporate a variety of activities that keep learners engaged, learning and having fun.


Who should attend:
  • Managers, supervisors, key performers charged with overseeing and/or developing training materials and who have little or no direct experience with instructional design.


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Six Key Benefits:
  1. Engage in group activities with your peers as you learn about the actions that support, enhance and promote learning.
  2. Complete an instrument to determine your personal learning style.
  3. Identify the presentation methods most suited to the different learning styles.
  4. Consider the stages of learning and their implications for training transfer.
  5. Experience a variety of ways to test for understanding and provide meaningful practice that increase retention.
  6. Take home easy-to-use frameworks and checklists to guide the design and delivery of learning programs guaranteed to maximize adult learning.


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Program Objectives:
  • Describe the phases of an instructional design project
  • Apply principles of adult learning to course design
  • Use the Systematic Learning Process to ensure learner success
  • Plan motivational strategies that encourage adults to learn
  • Select presentation methods that address learners’ preferred learning styles
  • Design higher level questions to test for understanding and improve retention
  • Encourage retention and transfer of learning through a variety of application methods
  • Plan activities that let adults share their wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Incorporate fun into the training
  • Enhance the connections with learners through language choices


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Content Outline:
  • The FKA Instructional Systems Design Methodology
  • Adult Learning Principles
    • What Adult Learners Like
    • What Adult Learners Dislike

  • Systematic Learning Process
    • Presentation
    • Application
    • Feedback
    • Ratios
    • Instructional Process

  • Keeping Learners Engaged
    • Initial Motivation
    • Ongoing Motivation (VIVE)

  • Learning Styles
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Kinesthetic/Tactile

  • Presentation Methods
  • Testing for Understanding (TFU)
    • Creating TFU Questions
    • Higher Level TFUs

  • Four Stages of Learning
  • Application Methods
  • Games
    • Icebreakers
    • Learning Games
    • Closers


  • Adult Learning Principles and Design Considerations
  • Systematic Learning Process (Details and Checklist)
  • Presentation Methods (Details and Selection Matrix)
  • Perceptual Learning Styles
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Processing (Revised)
  • List of Action Verbs
  • Four Stages of Learning
  • Application Methods (Details and Selection Matrix)
  • Game Template
  • List of 37 Learning Games

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Special Bonus:
  • Free one-year consultation service if you have questions after the program ends.


    Call 1-800-FKA to schedule this program available online or 1 day at your location.

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