Scoping and Planning Learning

A structure method and tool set for estimating development effort and planning the work..

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Are you charged with determining how much effort and how long it will take to develop the new course? If you have been asked to determine a development budget and figure out the development work schedule, this program is essential for you.


Who should attend:
  • Learning and HRD professionals who need to determine the development budget and assign work to the development team.
  • Learning consultants who must estimate time and effort to develop multi-faceted solutions.
  • Course developers who need to tell their managers how long it is going to take them to complete the course development work.

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Four Key Benefits:
  1. Employ a structured method for estimating the duration of the training.
  2. Use a proven workflow for planning your development activities.
  3. Identify the cost associated with developing the learning solution.
  4. Layout out a development plan that fits in the available timeframe.

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Program Objectives:
  • Analyze the context for training interventions.
  • Estimate course length.
  • Select instructional strategies.
  • Select evaluation methods to measure the success of training.
  • Identify required resources for training interventions.
  • Determine practical design ratios.
  • Develop a project work plan.
  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis.
  • Make Buy or Build training decisions.

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Content Outline:
    • Context Data
    • Types of Parameters
    • Types of Constraints


    • Estimating Course Length
    • Calculating the total number of Skill and Knowledge Items
    • Level of Difficulty and Duration
    • Instructional Strategies
    • Strategy Framework
    • Planning the Levels of Evaluation


    • Workflow for Instructional Systems Design (ISD)
    • Resources Required
    • Design Ratios – Ideal and Practical
    • Determining a Practical Design Ratio
    • Mapping Effort to Time Available
    • Establishing Project Milestones


    • Determining the Cost of Training
    • Cost Model Definitions
    • Cost Example Scenario
    • Training Cost Calculator for Leader Led (LL)
    • Simple Results Model
    • Training Cost Calculator for Blended Learning Strategy
    • Simple Results Model
    • Post Training Results
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Two day – $1499
Online $2099 – 4 live sessions

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