Presentation Skills for the Virtual Environment

Deliver effective presentations in a remote, web-based environment.

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Dislike giving presentations over the web? Worried that participants are disconnected and disconnecting? This program helps you overcome the challenges to meaningful communication inherent in this new technology.

This program imparts skills and techniques required in the planning, preparation and delivery of effective presentations in a remote, web-based environment. It provides opportunities for interaction and practice using your organization’s web presentation software. Learn to use polling to establish motivation, actively involve your participants to find out if they are “getting it”. Make decisions about chat and telephone usage that encourage questions and yet keep the situation manageable. Design visuals that catch and keep attention. Practice effective use of your voice to compensate for lack of body language.


Who should attend:
  • New and experienced presenters who need to prepare and deliver effective presentations in a remote virtual environment.
  • Individuals who need to communicate with others and deliver high-impact virtual presentations, including: managers, executives, learning professionals, presenters, sales professionals, team facilitators and leaders, business owners, business unit managers and supervisors, and board members and directors.


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Program Objectives:
  • Establish a positive learning climate in a remote, web-based environment.
  • Define the components of the Systematic Learning Process.
  • Establish initial motivation.
  • Sequence content.
  • Integrate presentation and demonstration.
  • Maintain audience interest.
  • Design questions to promote involvement and test for understanding.
  • Identify ways to make software demonstration effective.
  • Listen effectively.
  • Handle audience questions.
  • Use your voice effectively.
  • Use an inclusive communication style.
  • Plan and deliver a team presentation.
  • Identify ideas for promoting transfer of learning to your workplace.


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Available online or 2-days at your location. Call to arrange this in-house program at the right time and location to meet your needs.

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