Fundamentals of Design and Delivery

Key skills for first-time instructional success.

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Challenged with creating and delivering effective training programs and you don’t know where to start?  The Fundamentals of Design and Delivery is a dynamic, fast-paced program designed to build skills and confidence in new designers and instructors. Incorporating just the right balance of hard work and fun, this workshop allows you to develop at your own pace, in a supportive and cooperative environment.

Starting with FKA’s Systematic Learning Process you will gain the tools, techniques and framework to tackle any real-world training project. The first half of the program will step you through the process of designing learner-centered training that leads to performance improvement. In the second half you will build your skills as an instructor through a combination of learning the best instructional techniques and then practicing them as you deliver your own lesson. Throughout the program your instructor will demonstrate the best in instructional design and delivery.


Who should attend?
  • New designers and instructors with little or no experience
  • Subject matter experts who must design and deliver training
  • Persons preparing and giving presentations to groups
  • Experienced trainers who have been out of training for more than a year and need a refresher course
  • Training managers who are responsible for the performance of their staff


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Six Key Benefits
  1. Learn from the best instructors in the industry.
  2. Small classes ensure you get individual attention and expert feedback.
  3. Establish a solid grounding in the basics and build your skills from there.
  4. Immediately start using all the practical techniques you will need to be successful back on the job.
  5. Take home a comprehensive manual packed with job aids, checklists and reference materials that will help you succeed back on the job .
  6. Free one-year consultation service if you have questions after the workshop ends.


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Program Objectives
  • Apply the Systematic Learning Process to the design and delivery of effective training.
  • Integrate the principles of adult learning into the design and delivery of training.
  • Describe the main activities of each phase in FKA’s Instructional Design Methodology.
  • Evaluate training design and delivery.


  • Identify the significant population factors of the target audience.
  • Describe the Model of Performance hierarchy.
  • Define the course content to be included in the training.
  • Write learner-centered lesson objectives.
  • Select appropriate presentation and application methods.
  • Plan adequate time for testing for understanding and application.
  • Determine which learning materials to produce.
  • Make media decisions that enhance learning.


  • Apply motivational strategies during training.
  • Implement a variety of presentation methods.
  • Use questions to draw on learners’ knowledge and experience.
  • Incorporate relevant examples.
  • Test for understanding using questioning techniques.
  • Give and receive constructive feedback.
  • Demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal behavior.
  • Improve delivery skills through application and feedback.
  • Plan continued self-development as an instructor.



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Content Outline

Fundamentals of Instruction

  • Adult Learning Principles
  • FKA’s Systematic Learning Process
  • FKA’s Instructional Systems Design Methodology

Fundamentals of the Instructional Design Process

  • Analysis Phase
    • Identifying the target population
  • Design Phase
    • Defining the Training Scope
    • Creating Effective Objectives
    • Planning Application and Feedback
    • Planning Presentation
  • Development Phase
    • Preparing Training Materials

Fundamentals of Delivery

  • Pre-Course Preparations
    • Establishing Positive Climate and Rapport Before Course Begins
    • Classroom Layout
    • Additional Classroom Preparations
  • Instructor Skills
    • Conducting Small Group Activities
    • Optimizing Reviews and Summaries
    • Incorporating Examples
    • Managing Time
    • Maximizing Motivation
    • Maintaining Eye Contact
    • Overcoming Nervousness
    • Encouraging Participation
    • Incorporating Fun
    • Conducting Demonstrations
    • Speaking Effectively to Groups
    • Promoting Positive Interactions with Learners
    • Monitoring Learner Performance during Application
    • Providing Effective Feedback
    • Asking Questions
    • Responding to Questions
    • Using Media Effectively




Available in 2 – 4 day formats to meet your needs. Call to arrange this in-house program at the right time and location to meet your needs.

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