Developing Instructor-Led Training

Developing creative methods for group instruction.

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Are you creating training specifically to be delivered in a traditional classroom and looking to add more variety? This program gives instructors and course developers in-depth, step-by-step templates for the design and development of face-to-face group instruction. It ensures your training programs are performance-based, interactive, challenging and stimulating to the learner.


Who should attend?
  • New course designers and instructors who want to develop a variety of presentation methods and application exercises for group instruction
  • Experienced course developers who have had training in general course design and now need step-by-step templates for a variety of instructional methods


Six Key Benefits
  1. Learn from the best instructors in the industry who are also experienced instructional designers.
  2. Practice developing a variety of classroom activities.
  3. Accelerate the process by using effective decision tables and easy-to-follow templates.
  4. Small classes ensure you get individual attention and expert feedback.
  5. Take home well-crafted materials – including Word templates – that support learning during training and will be useful references and tools later.
  6. Free one-year consultation service if you have questions after the workshop ends.


Program Objectives
  • Define the components of the Systematic Learning Process.
  • Identify phases in the FKA ISD model.
  • Describe the Model of Performance.
  • Select/adapt an icebreaker.
  • Make decisions for application method, structure and feedback.
  • Create a quiz.
  • Discuss the effective use of games.
  • Create a practical exercise.
  • Develop scenarios/case studies for analysis by learners.
  • Discuss the design of role plays.
  • Create a reading assignment.
  • Plan an interactive presentation.
  • Develop media for an interactive presentation.
  • Outline a demonstration.
  • Discuss peer-assisted methods.


Content Outline
  • Instructional Design Fundamentals
    • Systematic Learning Process
    • FKA’s Instructional Systems Design Methodology
    • Model of Performance
  • Icebreakers
  • Developing Application Activities (For hands-on and brains-on practice):
    • Quizzes/Tests
    • Games
    • Practical Exercises
    • Case Studies
    • Role Plays
  • Developing Presentation Activities (To transfer information):
    • Content from Materials (e.g., reading assignment)
    • Interactive Lectures
    • Demonstrations
    • Peer-Assisted Learning (e.g., brainstorming, discussions, debates)
  • Instructional Design Support Manual (150+ pages) full of templates and checklists to support the FKA Instructional Systems Design Methodology
  • Online access to 16 instructional design templates and checklists, and FKA’s complete glossary
  • Online access to additional templates and checklists for developing Application and Presentation activities
  • You will have access to over 10 online FKA tutorials that support instructional design and development for adult learning

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Available in 2 – 4 day formats to meet your needs. Call to arrange this in-house program at the right time and location to meet your needs.

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