CTT+ Classroom Trainer


“Enjoyed it – very focused on the objective…
preparing for the exam and video submission.”
Daniel Bishop, Bayer

Public Program Schedule (please contact FKA to have this program run at your location)

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Number of Upcoming Programs: 6
Toronto: April 25, 2018 – April 27, 2018
Washington: May 16, 2018 – May 18, 2018
Atlanta: June 20, 2018 – June 22, 2018
Ottawa: August 15, 2018 – August 17, 2018
Toronto: October 17, 2018 – October 19, 2018
Washington: November 7, 2018 – November 9, 2018

Who should attend:
  • Experienced classroom instructors who have completed FKA’s Instructional Techniques and/or Advanced Facilitation Skills for Trainersworkshops
  • Instructors with extensive hands-on experience in learner-centered instruction and familiarity with the core fundamentals for excellent instruction


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  • Upon successful completion of this three-day program…

    you will be able to:

    • demonstrate the CompTIA CTT+ objectives in your recorded lesson
    • answer a variety of multiple-choice questions similar to those on the CompTIA CTT+ Essentials computer-based exam

    you will have prepared:

    • a “best effort” performance recording to submit for CompTIA CTT+ TK0-202 Classroom performance-based exam
    • the necessary documentation/paperwork for the CompTIA CTT+ TK0-202 Classroom performance-based exam


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Content Outline:
  • Requirements for CompTIA CTT+ Classroom Trainer Certification
  • Review of the Fundamentals:
    • Lesson Objectives
    • Systematic Learning Process
    • Motivation
    • Information Transfer
    • Testing for Understanding
    • Questioning Techniques
  • Study of the CompTIA CTT+ Objectives
  • Preparation for the CompTIA CTT+ Essential Exam
  • Recordings of Individual Certification Lessons and Feedback (up to 3 recordings per person)
  • The Performance-Based Exam Submission Process

Practice for the Knowledge-Based Exam

  • Learners will practice with and discuss sample exam questions during the workshop
  • Learners will have access to the FKA Exam Simulator for 30 days following the workshop

Recordings for the Performance-Based Exam

  • Learners record one lesson per day


  • Guidelines for the CTT+ Performance Recording Preparation
  • Recommended Strategies for Improving Classroom Trainer Excellence
  • Tips for Taking the CTT+ Computer-Based Exam
  • Sample Computer-Based Exam Questions from CompTIA
  • Steps to Earn the CTT+ Classroom Trainer Certification
  • Virtual Classroom Trainer Overview


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Three days – $2099

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