Ctt+ Classroom Trainer Overview

Preparation for CTT+ Classroom Trainer Certification


You want CompTIA CTT+ Classroom Trainer certification, but how do you prepare? Take one of FKA’s CTT+ Classroom Trainer programs and practice with FKA’s Exam Simulator!




CompTIA CTT+ (Certified Technical Trainer) Classroom Trainer certification gives you the edge you need in today’s highly competitive training world. This vendor-neutral certification validates your expertise as either a classroom or online instructor. FKA’s CTT+ Classroom Trainer programs along with the online exam simulator will get you ready to pass CompTIA’s CTT+ written and performance exams. Working with FKA’s highly skilled and CTT+ certified instructors, you will build the skills and techniques you need to be an outstanding instructor.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose FKA for CompTIA CTT+ Certification Prep:
  • FKA is a CompTIA CTT+ Authorized Partner.
  • FKA was first to market and is still the leader in training more CTT+ candidates than any other vendor.
  • FKA’s learners have a 95% success rate in achieving CompTIA’s CTT+ Classroom Trainer and CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer certification.
  • Learn from CompTIA CTT+ certified classroom and virtual instructors trained in CompTIA’s performance-based exam scoring process.
  • FKA guarantees you’ll pass the performance-based exam.
  • Get a free 30-day subscription to FKA’s award winning CTT+ Essentials Exam Simulator.
  • The maximum enrollment of 8 participants allows more one-on-one time with your FKA instructor.
  • Get help with the documents and process for submitting your performance recording.
  • FKA is a cornerstone and founding committee member of CTT+ and CompTIA Steering Council member.
  • FKA has been an expert in training, learning and certifying instructors for over 50 years.


Which program should I take?

Whether you are a new or relatively new instructor, or an experienced instructor, FKA has the right program for you! You will be able to start at the beginning, if you need to, or focus right in on the skills and knowledge you need to become certified.

Designed for…
CTT+ Classroom Trainer Boot Camp …relatively new instructors or instructors who have never participated in any formal train-the-trainer programs.

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CTT+ Classroom Trainer …experienced instructors who want to become CompTIA CTT+ Classroom Trainer certified. We recommend that you take Instructional Techniques for the before enrolling in this program.

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