Advanced Instructional Design

Take your instructional design skills to the next level.

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Moving beyond the basics, this program allows instructional designers and developers to make complex analysis and design decisions, especially when adapting existing designs to alternative delivery methods. Learning specialists who need to plan and scope quality, on-time and cost-effective training projects will benefit from this program.


Who should attend:

  • Instructional designers, instructors and subject-matter-experts with a solid foundation in instructional design who wish to strengthen and refine their abilities to develop training programs that increase organizational effectiveness.
  • Managers and those responsible for the creation or purchase of training materials

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Six Key Benefits:

  1. Align your training initiatives with business needs and step up your operational impact.
  2. Cost, design and deliver your training projects on time.
  3. Practice the key activities for project planning, population and performance analysis, training design and material development.
  4. Be more efficient and effective with creative, blended and streamlined solutions that deliver performance change that transfers to the job environment.
  5. Learn how to revise existing courseware methodologies to new delivery methods.
  6. Take advantage of free one-year support to help you with your next design project.

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Program Objectives:

  • Develop a business case that integrates training initiatives with business needs.
  • Determine how to simplify and speed up the instructional design process.
  • Select effective blended solutions that achieve performance and results.
  • Determine the most appropriate analysis methods to use.
  • Integrate analysis data to describe complex performance.
  • Use effective facilitation techniques for focus group validation during analysis and evaluation.
  • Adapt existing designs to alternative delivery methods.
  • Select and develop more creative presentation, application and feedback methods.
  • Select techniques to use to design training for use in large group settings.
  • Develop bridging and transfer strategies to support on-the-job performance.
  • Create higher level questions to test attainment of learning objectives.
  • Assess learning, performance and results of your training initiatives.
  • Plan and scope quality, on-time and cost-effective training projects.

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Course Outline:

Getting Started

  • Demystifying the ISD Methodology

Needs Identification

  • Integrating Business Needs and Training
  • Streamlining the Design Process
  • Selecting Blended Solutions


  • Model of Performance (MoP)
  • MoP: Multiple Analyses
  • MoP: Synthesis
  • Validation Using Focus Groups


  • Adapting Designs to New Delivery Methods
  • More Creative PAF
  • Techniques for Large Groups


  • Creating Higher Level Questions and Tests
  • Developing Bridging and Transfer Strategies


  • Assessing the Effects of Training Initiatives
  • Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation
  • Evaluation Methods

Scoping and Planning a Training Project

  • Estimating Duration
  • Estimating Effort
  • Applying Project Parameters
  • Determining Time and Resources
  • Project Planning

Applying What You Learn

  • Hands-on activities to reinforce the major instructional design steps discussed in the program.


  • 180+ page Support Manual filled with checklists, look-up tables, worksheets and templates to help you design effective training faster
  • Online access to these checklists, look-up tables, worksheets and templates so you can customize them for your own situation

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Special Bonus:

  • Free one-year consultation service if you have questions after the workshop ends.
  • Apply the program techniques to your own work-based content.
  • Optional, fee-based service provides the opportunity to submit work-based assignments to FKA for in depth review and feedback.

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Call 1-800-FKA-5585 to schedule this program. Available online, or 3 days at your location.

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