Strategic Training Plan

The Client

A major financial institution providing both banking and investment services.

The Challenge

The company recognized a need to provide learning resources to the non-retail side of its operations (Marketing, Corporate Resources, Finance, Insurance and Retail Investment, Brokerage Services, and Lending). The learning & development group wanted to identify training needs for computer end users and to provide priority training accordingly. To arrive at these outcomes, learning & development identified a requirement to conduct a Training Needs Analysis among its constituent groups that would:

  1. Identify and categorize generic occupational or job classifications in consultation with Human Resources and Competencies.
  2. Identify generic (common/similar) job skill sets for each occupational or job classification in consultation with Human Resources and Competencies.
  3. Recommend generic training programs for inclusion in a Learning Resource Inventory (LRI).
  4. Identify computer end user training needs sorted by user, level (basic, intermediate, advanced), and corporate standard application type. 5. Provide recommendations for a prioritized strategy to meet the needs of the user groups while providing maximum business impact.

The Solution

FKA Consutling conducted two projects with this institution. The first initiative was to develop a Strategic Training Plan, identifying the ‘next steps’ and ‘how to’ in implementing their training initiatives. The outcome of this Strategic Training Plan was the standardization of a methodology for conducting a Needs Assessment, including an End User Gap Analysis. In addition, FKA Consulting compiled and produced the corporate learning curriculum for access by all employees.

The Results

The company was able to have a corporate learning curriculum which detailed all courseware and tools available to employees across the institution.

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