Strategic Performance Analysis

The Client

One of the world’s largest financial institutions..

The Challenge

The business was successful and growing. The management team was committed to initiating processes and strategies that would ensure the division’s success into the future. At the same time there was ample evidence that both management and employees felt a need to improve the development of their people. Employees wanted to learn how to perform their roles more effectively, and to access learning in a more timely and tailored way. Management recognized the impact of employee development gaps in performance, and in the organization’s capacity to support growth and implement change. They approached FKA Consulting with the challenge of enhancing their training function’s contribution to employee growth and corporate productivity.

The Solution

FKA Consulting conducted a strategic performance analysis that identified the performance required in key roles, and recommended the training needed to support and enhance that performance.

The Results

Company executives are now able to prioritize training investments to deliver the greatest impact possible from available resources. Attention to specific areas of knowledge and skill, along with the creation of a sustainable training and performance infrastructure, pays dividends in employee satisfaction and increased capability for the business.

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