Process Management

The Client

A government department responsible for statistical data collection and dissemination to both internal clients and the public.

The Challenge

The Division’s work environment had been very autonomous and, with ongoing changes to infrastructure, project requirements, management and staff, client needs and relationships, there was a need to manage processes using a more comprehensive methodology. The Division requested that FKA Consulting analyze their approach to process management and recommend and implement an effective methodology that would enable them to manage their processes more effectively.

The Solution

The implementation of the Process Definition/Redefinition methodology started with interviews with key management and staff subject matter experts. These interviews were used to begin the definition and validation of current work processes. Over thirty processes were documented, with well over thirty management and staff members being actively involved. This involvement resulted in the division having the organizational capability to continue defining work processes as required, in order to assist in achieving their organizational goals. The second phase of the Process Definition/Redefinition methodology involved analyzing the defined processes and current organizational objectives and determining which processes required redesign. Two cross-functional teams were defined and tasked with redesigning the processes, lead and facilitated by FKA Consulting.

The ResultsAs a result of the knowledge transfer, the client’s teams continue to define processes, thereby developing a common understanding of current practices in support of sound management practices. The contribution of the redesign team members has resulted in having the capability to continue redefining work processes as required in order to assist in making management decisions and achieving organizational goals.

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