Performance Gap Analysis

The Client

Capital One Services Inc.

The Challenge

Capital One’s overriding goal has always been, “to have the best trainers in the industry” and past success in achieving this goal is evidenced by the prestigious awards Capital One had received.

In line with this overriding goal Capital One Services Inc. identified a need to develop the performance consulting skills of their managers throughout the organization. These managers are responsible for measuring results and ensuring that Capital One maximizes the return on investment (ROI) for training dollars.

The Solution

FKA Consulting, in collaboration with the Capital One Management Team delivered a one-day Training Needs Analysis workshop followed by a two-day Performance Consulting workshop to a total of 29 managers. FKA Consulting collaborated again with Capital One when facilitating a second Performance Consulting workshop with a new team of 10 managers and 40 trainers. The second intervention focused on the analysis of performance gaps and generating solutions to close these gaps. The goal being to ensure these individuals acquired the skills they needed to be successful in their new role of Performance Consultant.

The Results

FKA Consulting successfully delivered a number of additional two-day PC workshops to trainers within the Captial One Services organization.

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