Blended Learning

The Client

Amway is part of the Alticor family of companies, which generated worldwide retail sales of US$6.2 billion in 2004. Amway’s world headquarters in Ada, Michigan, USA, is over a mile (1.6km) long, and is home to more than 300 research and development scientists, product development teams and global business support personnel. Over 40 years ago, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, two young entrepreneurs from the USA, started selling quality products and gave other people the chance to do the same. This unique business opportunity has enabled Amway to grow into one of the world’s leading direct-selling companies.

The Challenge

Amway identified a requirement to provide their Global team members (and later, other affiliate training managers) with the skills and knowledge needed to design, develop and implement Blended Learning training solutions. The objectives were to:

  • recognize opportunities for blended learning
  • make effective decisions for blended learning solutions

The overall goal was to support the transition to education, rather than presentation, and to support the measurement of results.

The Solution

FKA Consulting designed and developed the Blended Learning web-based training solution, including the collaboration and transfer of training to Amway’s Global team members, as per the following steps:

  • Clarify requirements
  • Define context
  • Identify technology to be used
  • Identify delivery parameters and constraints
  • Describe target population
  • Define objectives and content outline
  • Create high level training plan – media and methods
  • Create prototype
  • Create storyboard
  • Create, test and release module

FKA hosted the online training initially. It was subsequently transferred to Amway’s website.

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