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What are the benefits of having FKA in your corner?


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  • Your solutions are developed using a robust ISD methodology with unlimited flexibility.
  • Highly interactive synchronous and asynchronous online materials that will engage and motivate your learners.
  • Transfer and bridging strategies are integrated into your project.
  • Experts who specialize in creating and implementing projects to maximize the learning capabilities of your staff.
  • Solutions that integrate effective adult learning principles.
  • Initiatives designed in reusable modules to ensure easy restructuring or reuse of the content in later training projects.
  • Learning interactions designed to maximize learner retention and positive impact back on the job.
  • A wide variety of learning methods and media to increase attention span, energy level and interest of your learners.
  • Programs designed to accommodate all types of learning styles, allowing learners to integrate new knowledge and skills quickly.
  • Flexible just-in-time initiatives to reach your geographically dispersed populations.
  • Instructional strategies to match your content and objectives in the time available and to match learner preference and experience.
  • Reuse of your existing training materials, content and documentation to shorten the design time.
  • Systematic learning process allows learners to immediately apply and practice the new content.
  • Immediate hands-on application to increase training retention.
  • Constructive learner feedback during the hands-on portion of training, to immediately reinforce learning.
  • Evaluation strategies to determine if:
    • Your learners liked the training.
    • Your learners can demonstrate the new knowledge and skills as a result of training.
    • Your learners’ on-the-job performance has improved.
    • The changes in your learners’ performance positively impact your organization’s business goals and results.
  • Learning solutions customized to support your core competencies and business performance needs and results.
  • Access experts and expertise not found collectively in your organization.
  • An award winning organization focused on your learning challenges and initiatives.

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