Senior Learning Consultant

We are interested in a unique resource with 10+ years’ experience that can be aligned with the following key areas:

1. Product Management

  • Design updates for existing FKA Programs
  • Research new content for existing programs
  • Make annual updates to FKA’s Industry Report
  • Maintain FKA’s glossary
  • Maintain FKA’s Learning Transfer Strategy booklet
  • Update/Edit/Test/Create FKA tutorials
  • Collaborate on a new “Look and Feel” for FKA products and services
  • Identify books, blogs, videos, research material and resources to support FKA programs

2. Administration

  • Maintain FKA’s programs, as the “gatekeeper” for FKA curriculum
  • Provide customized slides for onsite programs for all instructors
  • Manage all FKA’s program files/directories
  • Notify Sales and Marketing of changes to our programs
  • Update master list of Conference Presentations
  • Co-ordinate translations for publics and customized programs
  • Load and maintain FKA programs in corporate LMS

3. Subject Matter Expertise/QA

  • Align all FKA learning materials with FKA’s ISD Methodology
  • Ensure programs follow FKA’s Systematic Learning Process
  • Create questions for FKA’s CTT+ Exam Simulator
  • Maintain FKA’s ID Tools

4. Technical Writing and Editing

  • Write instructional materials and descriptions of FKA’s programs
  • Review/edit spelling and grammar in marketing and instructional materials
  • Ensure consistent terminology, style and format in all instructional materials
  • Assist with terminology, style and format of marketing materials, as required
  • Write/Edit/QA blogs, articles, sales and marketing materials

5. Instructional Design/Development

  • Design and develop customized learning solutions for Inhouse Programs and Learning, Coaching and Consulting Services
  • Design and storyboard self-directed e-learning programs
  • Submit proposals for Annual Conferences
  • Prepare learning materials for Annual Conferences
  • Create/Maintain Instructor Notes for all FKA programs
  • Support instructors, as required (research, handouts, PPT participant manuals)
  • Review and give written feedback for program and certification assignments

6. Virtual Classroom Producer

  • Maintain Evaluation forms and Job Aids specific to online programs
  • Liaise with IT regarding activities outside of live sessions (e.g., discussion boards, tutorials, etc.)
  • Update PPT and handouts for each session
  • Set up and manage Adobe environment for each session
  • Provide feedback on assignments, as required
  • Send follow-up emails and files, as needed
  • Be available to connect with learners between sessions, as needed

7. Sales and Marketing Support

  • Assist Marketing with social media presence
  • Forward info and links to Marketing
  • Create and Edit blogs
  • Assist with proposals (draft objectives and agendas, formatting, edit/QA)
  • Create videos and podcasts to support Marketing

Professional Development
8. Review relevant weekly newsletters and blogs
9. Attend webinars on current topics and trends
10. Sign-up for online programs, as needed, and report on current trends

Reports to:

President of Friesen, Kaye and Associates (FKA)

Please forward your resume to

Thank you for your interest in FKA.

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