Running Effective Meetings: Getting the Most Out of Your Meetings

All of us have experienced meetings that start late, run long, go off topic, and have no structure to encourage productivity. This leads to a waste of valuable time, money and resources, and needs to stop!


As meeting specialists, Friesen, Kaye and Associates, has been sharing some Key Actions that are critical to facilitating effective meetings. Let’s now review some of the most common pitfalls and traps in both the Organizational and Leadership Skills, as well as some suggested best practices to minimize those challenges.

Organizational Skills

Leadership Skills

Friesen, Kaye and Associates has been helping organizations manage their meetings for maximum results for over 50 years. By following our Key Actions for Effective Meetings, the facilitator will be able to provide better structure and support in order to get the most out of their meetings.

For more details about FKA’s Facilitation Skills: Running Effective Meetings, please contact Geoff Nolan at 1-800 FKA-5585 or email Geoff Nolan

FKA President
Michael Nolan

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