How to Create Learning Assessments that Maximize Performance and Results

Among the various roles of learning and business professionals is ensuring individuals acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the organizations’ business goals and objectives. Effective learning assessments let you measure, develop and retain your top talent while ensuring your training resources are achieving the required learning and performance results. This practical, engaging session examines the five keys of effective assessment-Alignment, Validity, Reliability, Transparency and Fairness-so that you’ll know what is required to create your own effective learning assessments.


  • Identify the purpose of an assessment.
  • Define what makes an assessment fair, reliable and legally defensible.
  • Align learning objectives with test items.
  • Describe the types of effective questions that assess learner understanding for leader-led and online learning.
  • Identify higher-level questions that match and assess attainment of learning objectives (knowledge and demonstration assessment).
  • Describe the formal and informal assessment required at the end of the training program and back on the job (bridging period).

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