Facilitaion Skills: Running Effective Meetings

Successful facilitators have learned the skills of organizing individual resources into group productivity. The process of facilitation goes beyond gathering facts, reaching conclusions and taking action on complex issues. Effective facilitation utilizes the knowledge, ability and creativity of each individual within the group. This session examines practical facilitation skills using concise key actions, group practice sessions, and on-the-job applications. It teaches the critical facilitation skills of group organization, and group leadership.


  • Plan and establish a clear framework for managing a meeting.
  • Identify the key elements to consider when planning and starting a meeting.
  • Identify the key actions required to keep participants involved, interested and directed toward accomplishing the desired results.
  • Determine appropriate follow-through plans and conclude a meeting.
  • Identify the key actions to curb unproductive behavior and keep meetings on target.

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