FKA Trainer Certification Coach

FKA’s multimedia CD-ROM coaching tool provides video demonstration of key skills
and techniques required for instructional excellence. Integrating the core
competencies for excellent instruction, the Trainer Certification Coach allows both new and experienced trainers the opportunity to observe mastery of fundamental instructor knowledge and classroom performance.

It’s the perfect complement to the FKA CTT+ Exam Simulator as you prepare for CompTIA CTT+ (Certified Technical Trainer) certification.

Included in the Coach is a self-assessment guide to compare your instructional skills with the expert’s example and to evaluate them against the standards required, and a lesson guide template for planning and organizing effective instructional sessions.

Is it Right For You?

Do you find yourself in one of these groups? Then the Coach is perfect for you.
Are you a…

  • Trainer and/or instructor preparing for certification.
  • Instructor and/or facilitator who want to improve your delivery skills.
  • Trainer who would like to review or refresh your skills.
  • Training manager who wants to develop instructional competence in your delivery teams.
  • Subject matter expert (SME) who is occasionally required to train.
  • New instructor or trainer who has not yet taken an Instructional Techniques workshop.
Key Benefits:
  • View FKA’s most experienced instructors demonstrate effective instructional techniques.
  • Examine how to maintain credibility, stay focused on your objectives and manage the learning and training environment at every step of the process.
  • Explore real-life examples of effective presentation skills, questioning and probing techniques, reinforcement and motivational methods, clarification and feedback opportunities and many other proven and practical ways to achieve instructional excellence.
  • Explore two different types of lesson: soft skill and technical delivery.

3 Ways To Use Your Coach:

You’ll find that the Coach, with its easy-to-follow instructions and simple navigational tools, creates an enjoyable, friendly, supportive and TOTALLY learner-controlled environment for you! Use the Trainer Certification CoachTM in any of these three ways to suit YOUR learning style.

  • VIEW TRADITIONALLY: You can view the Coach video from beginning to end, taking notes as you go.
  • VIEW WITH ANALYSIS: Examine the lessons with a helpful visual running commentary. You’ll see the instructional competencies being modeled highlighted on the screen. At the same time, specific instructor performances related to that competency will appear just above the video. You can press Pause at any time to stop the video, or instantly rewind and replay, fast forward, or jump from segment to segment to view the components which are important to you. It’s fast, easy and practical!
  • Select any core competency you wish, the Coach will immediately pick out instances of the competency so that you can view a concentrated set of examples. This gives you a focused learning option to refine particular competencies!

System Requirements:

Pentium computer
64Mb Ram
800×600 video resolution, 16 bit color
Windows 98, 2000, XP or NT
CD-ROM player

Power PC
64Mb Ram
800×600 resolution, 16 bit color
OS 7.1 or higher
CD-ROM player

Special Price – $99!

($US – plus shipping, handling and applicable taxes.)

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