FKA ROI (Return on Investment) Tutorial™

Before giving the go-ahead for a training initiative, senior management today often wants to see training return-on-investment (ROI) figures. This new tutorial helps you meet the challenge of calculating the required estimates. It introduces models for estimating the financial benefits of training. As well, it familiarizes you with factors that must be included in training costs.

The ROI Tutorial includes a guide to explain the details of training ROI calculations and a spreadsheet to let you try them out. After walking through the tutorial and its examples, you’ll be able to practice with your own data.

With FKA’s ROI TutorialTM you will:
  • Determine the cost of performance problems.
  • Estimate the financial benefits of improved performance.
  • Produce a solution budget.
  • Identify variables which impact cost.
  • Estimate the cost of a specific training solution.
  • Compare costs of different training solutions.
  • Calculate training ROI.

Is the ROI Tutorial right for you?

Are you:

  • Responsible for documenting and justifying the costs of training?
  • Responsible for maximizing the organizational impact (ROI) of training interventions?
  • A training manager, director, supervisor, or line manager with budget responsibilities for training?
  • An FKA’s Performance Consulting workshop graduate before 2002?
  • FKA Designing Instruction participant tasked with completing budget/cost justification for e-learning vs. classroom instruction?


Price: $199 US
(plus shipping, handling and applicable taxes)
Special Added Value:

The FKA ROI Tutorial is included when you attended on of these FKA Workshops:

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