E-Learning: We built it, they came, did they learn?

The use of online learning—both self-directed and facilitated—continues to increase. As learning professionals, we need to ensure the promise of convenience and flexibility has not been at the expense of accountability, performance and results. This practical engaging session will define today’s drivers of e-learning and some of the challenges organizations have faced in implementing e-learning initiatives. You will examine the barriers to successful e-Learning initiatives as well as the reality of generational differences with respect to technology and the learning process.


By the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Identify some early drivers of e-learning.
  • Examine the link between business needs and successful blended learning initiatives.
  • Discuss key challenges of implementing e-learning.
  • Identify ways to maximize learning, performance and results by meeting the needs of each generation of learners.

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