Blended Learning Success Story

A leading telecommunications organization was faced with the ongoing challenge of training all their new hires as quickly as possible. They were responsible for delivering their existing classroom program to their own internal sales staff, as well as the sales staff of their independent resellers. They needed a faster, cheaper way to train this diverse group of learners without sacrificing quality. It was also important to them to maintain a common look, feel and experience for all their learners and they believed that e-learning would not work for every topic.

Explore how this organization converted their existing new hire training program to a modularized, blended learning program that increased retention and enhanced transfer of learning back to the job.


  • Examine the requirements for successfully blending learning interventions.
  • Assess roadblocks to effective new hire training
  • Discover solutions to tracking individuals who work in your distribution channel.
  • Discuss how the latest trends in learning technology are making blended learning even easier.

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