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Question and Answer (Q&A)

A presentation method where the instructor/facilitator asks prepared questions in order to cover a subject. It can also be reversed, with learners asking the questions and the instructor/facilitator giving the answers or referring them back to other learners to answer.

Question Types

There are three dimensions for categorizing questions:
• Content: Theory versus Application questions
• Format: Open versus Closed questions
• Level: Recall/Recognition versus Processing questions

Questioning Skills

Asking Questions: Instructors/facilitators can ask:
• Overhead questions – a question asked of the whole group
• Direct questions – a question asked of one person
Responding to Questions: Instructors/facilitators can:
• Answer the question themselves
• Defer the question to a later more appropriate time
• Reverse it, asking the questioner what he/she thinks the answer is
• Relay it on to another learner or to the whole class
Instructors/facilitators should attempt to relay or reverse as many questions as possible in order to draw content from the learners and to maximize interaction.


A method of data collecting; a set of written questions which calls for responses on the part of the respondents; may be self-administered or group-administered; may be paper-based or electronic.

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