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The correct option in a multiple-choice question or other similar item such as True/False.

Kinesthetic Space

The space through which we move. This space can be broken down into four zones: public, social, personal and intimate.
The precise size of these zones can vary with situations, individuals and cultures. Instructors/facilitators/presenters are generally working in the learners’ social and public spaces but can enter their personal spaces when they want to promote a connection or gain commitment.


The sum of what is known; a body of truths, principles and information.

Knowledge Item

In FKA’s Instructional Systems Design Methodology, a knowledge item is the smallest unit of information required to perform an ability.

Knowledge-Based Task

A task based on a cognitive skill set, i.e., one which shows that a learner knows how to do the task without actually performing the activity.

Knowledge-Based Test

A test—often a written test—that measures knowledge and NOT performance. Also called non-performance test.

Knowledge Management

Creating, capturing, organizing and storing knowledge and experiences of individual workers and groups of workers within an organization and then making it available to others in the organization.

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