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The name used by an organization to identify a grouping of related activities performed by individuals within their profession or occupation.

Job Aid

(1) A performance support system used on the job that assists the performer by summarizing the necessary skills and knowledge. It usually presents the information in a quickly read and understood format, i.e., flowcharts, checklists, decision tables, worksheets, etc. See also Stand-Alone Job Aid.
(2) During FKA’s performance analysis, existing job aids currently in use should be identified and added as one of the parameters for the ability.

Job Analysis

(1) A general term referring to the investigation of an individual job to document in an orderly manner all the skill and knowledge required to be successful on the job, including working conditions, mandatory standards and available support.
(2) FKA considers job analysis to be just part of performance analysis that results in a Model of Performance for a job. Performance analysis may include any of the four types of analysis: job, competency, content, and concept.

Job Performance

See also Performance.

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