E-Learning Support

E-learning has become a pivotal tool in learning and performance today. But, occasionally despite all the testing and planning things can go awry. For assistance review the items below:

Check the basics first:
1) Is your computer system on and functioning as usual? Check your mouse, keyboard, monitor and camera or microphone is used.
2) Is your internet connection working? Can you get any other external websites? Try some common sites like Microsoft.

Before you call or email please have the following information ready:
1) Exact steps leading up to the e-learning failure.
2) Make and model of your computer.
3) Main processor speed (Mhz) and amount of extra memory (RAM).
4) Version of the computer operating system: Windows 98, Windows XP, MAC, etc.
5) Type and version of your internet browsers: Explorer, Netscape.
6) Internet access speed: 56kps, 1 meg, DSL, ISDN.
7) Are you running any pop-up blockers: YahooToolBar, XP Service Pak 2, etc.
8) Any error messages you receive when trying to run the e-Learning.
9) Any results that happen when you try to run the e-learning: critical stops, program freezes, etc.

Adobe Connect Specific:
A number of our e-learning programs utilize Adobe Connect. Please review the technical specifications document.

For e-Learning support call at 1-800-352-5585, or email support@fka.com.

Please note: We will work diligently to fix problems we control. Under some circumstances the root of the challenge may be with client computers, networks or services which we can not access.

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