About Us:

In 2016, Friesen, Kaye and Associates (FKA) celebrated its 50th anniversary as an innovator and thought leader in the field of workplace learning and performance. We develop and deliver high impact learning solutions that meet our client’s business and organizational goals. FKA focuses on honesty, loyalty and trust throughout our business practices which fuels evolution and ensures we are on the cutting edge of learning technology.

Why work at FKA?
Step into the head office at FKA and you’ll find yourself in a beautiful limestone heritage building in an inspiring natural setting. It’s a fitting environment for a team that after 50 years of success continues to define the state of the art in workplace learning. Our traditions are strong, but innovation is in our blood and with inclusive leadership that values your contributions, you’ll always have a hand in shaping our future and having a big impact in our international marketplace.

FKA invites you to forward a resume for the following positions:

Senior Learning Consultant
Facilitator/ Instructional Designer Associate

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