Planning and managing are key competencies for developing effective workplace learning and performance improvement solutions. Planning involves front-end needs assessment and analysis to ensure that the learning…

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    Learning professionals design and develop facilitated learning components to be delivered in the traditional classroom, in the virtual classroom and on the job environments. They also design and develop learning…

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    Delivery or facilitation of learning can take place in the physical and virtual classrooms and in the job environment. Excellent instructors and facilitators know how to keep learners engaged. They motivate reluctant…        

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    The overall purpose of evaluation is to determine if the learning initiative was effective. It includes assessing if the learners achieved the course objectives and intent, and if they transfered the learning back to…

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It is with great pride that 2016 marks FKA’s 50th year as an innovator and thought leader in the field of workplace learning and performance. We would like to thank you for allowing us to be part of your past successes and look forward to collaborating on your future learning initiatives.

Over the next few months, we are going to run a series of exciting contests ending in December with a final Grand Prize draw for an iPad Air 2. All entries from all the contests will be included for the Grand Prize.

November Contest:

  1. Go to the Developing Interactive eLearning page and click on the 50th Anniversary logo.
  2. Look at each icebreaker and type your answers in the matching numbered input field.
  3. The winner will be drawn from all entries on November 30th and will get to choose one from a selection of $50 gift cards. (Click here for the list of gift cards.)
  4. If you don’t win this contest try again with the next contest, and remember that all entries from all contests will be included in the draw for the Grand Prize. Answer will be available next month.

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